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Treasurer – Friends of The Water Conservation Garden Board

Chris is the CEO and founder of BigFish Consulting, a client centric business designed to partner with companies looking for revenue growth and evolving business development strategies. His concepts help educate business owners, executives and sales teams on how to achieve strategic revenue objectives in today’s accelerative and collaborative business environment. Chris and BigFish Consulting are proud longtime stewards of the environment and committed to making a positive impact within the local community.

Along with his wife Stacey, Chris is also the co-founder and co-owner of Dog-Sok™, a local company devoted to quality of life for dogs. For Chris and Stacey, passion is a way of life, as caring for those around them and making the world a little bit better through personal and business pursuits—care for their labrador, Mulligan, is how the idea for Dog-Sok™ formed.

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