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Friends of The Water Conservation Garden Board

Edward Woodruff (Board Member 2022) is a dedicated public servant and friend to the East County community. He brings with him a wealth of experience in leadership, school administration, and community planning. Ed dedicated 30 years with La Mesa Spring Valley School District, he held the position of Vice Principal with Rolando and La Presa Elementary Schools. He represented Special Education at the district level, and was the Speech Pathologist for elementary and junior high students. Ed has had a seat on the Spring Valley Planning Group for over two decades, served a year as Vice Chair, and continues to advise the County Board of Supervisors regarding projects happening in Spring Valley. He also contributes by participating in volunteer cleanups of portions of the 94 freeway.

Ed has been part of The Garden family since 2013. He was President of the Volunteer Docent Corps for four years, and is currently team leader of the Children’s Team, member of Dirty Docents, and serves on the Development and Facilities Committees and annual Strategic Planning group. Ed received the Dorcas Utter Award for exceptional volunteer service in 2021, and officially joined the Board of Directors in 2022.  

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