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Lauren Magnuson

Ms. Smarty-Plants Program Manager

Lauren Magnuson is the Ms. Smarty-Plants Program Manager and a Ms. Smarty-Plants™ character. In 2014 Lauren joined The Garden to develop innovative programs targeted for K-6th youth education. She spearheads the development of the Ms. Smarty-Plants™ curriculum to align with all STEM, NGSS and CA State Standards. She graduated in 2007 from Appalachian State University with a BA in Communication, Electronic Media/Broadcasting. Lauren had previously served as a Senior Coordinator for Greenpeace in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Raleigh, NC. Her talent for mentoring and training leadership and education coordinators helped her realize her passion for conservation education and community organizing. Lauren believes that if you want to see real change happen, you must start with yourself.

When Lauren is not planning her next program, she is hiking with her family, singing to Otis Redding, or making yummy southern comfort food.  

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