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Director of Operations & Programs

Pam Meisner, a lifelong educator with over forty years teaching experience, is affectionately known as Ms. Smarty-Plants™ to the nearly 80,000 students and adults that she reaches each year with fun, interactive, education and conservation programs.

Over a decade ago, Pam founded Ms. Smarty-Plants™ at The Water Conservation Garden in East San Diego and within five years, the program received the highest leadership honor by the State of California; the GEELA Award for environmental education. Many other awards followed as did nature enthusiasts young and old, new team members, Smarty-Plants “Sisters”, bilingual programs, and expanding curriculum like Ms. Smarty-Plants Cools the Climate, and Growing Gardeners with Ms. Smarty-Plants.

Pam Meisner continues to be a leader in the community, a trusted friend to students, teachers, and families. She carries a master’s degree in Deaf Education and is a mentor for people with special needs and disabilities. The motto of Ms. Smarty-Plants™ is “we can change the world with our own two hands,” spend the afternoon with Pam, and you’ll believe this to be true!

Extended bio: As Director of Operations & Programs, Pam Meisner fosters key partnerships for The Garden, creates a nurturing environment for visitors and staff, looks after education and events, along with The Garden’s horticulture and facilities, high school and college interns, and the Docent corps of senior volunteers.

Most recently, Pam oversaw the construction of The Garden’s new state of the art Samuel M. Ciccati Education Center, along with a drought tolerant front yard installation, and new Cottage exhibits. Pam’s contributions ensure that The Water Conservation Garden remains a place of environmental stewardship and source of joy for the community.

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