The Water Conservation Garden recognized the exemplary philanthropy and generosity of Rosalie Dosik and Las Patronas at the Donor Appreciation Luncheon held at The Garden on Monday, March 13.

The Garden announced the creation of the Dr. Richard Wright Award named after a donor who embodies the values of philanthropy, community service, and leadership. Jennifer Pillsbury, Executive Director and CEO, said, “We know these values to be true of my dear friend Dr. Richard Wright who is a tireless champion of The Garden and all that we do.”

Rosalie Dosik is the first volunteer to receive the Dr. Richard Wright Award for her lasting contributions to The Garden. Rosalie has consistently supported The Garden for more than 15 years. Her incredibly generosity and financial contributions has made a profound impact on our Garden community.

Rosalie is a Former Docent President and past recipient of the Dorcas Utter Award for her volunteer service. Rosalie is the team lead for our Ambassadors who organize Garden Tours, serves on the Children’s Discovery Trail Team, the Exhibits Committee, and our Publications Team. Rosalie is also a talented artist. She leads a team to design art items such as dangles for our Garden Gift Shop. She and Sally Long, alongside artist Amber Peirce recently implemented a new art project on light posts throughout The Garden. Rosalie’s impact can be felt in so many different ways.

The Garden gratefully recognized Las Patronas with a Community Leadership Award. Thank you to Las Patronas for supporting our staffs need for office space and enabling The Garden to purchase a new office trailer. This trailer holds offices for 5 staff members and our interns. With generous funding from Las Patronas, Garden staff is able to stay true to the mission to educate and inspire through excellent exhibits and programs that promote water conservation and the sustainable use of related natural resources.

Become a volunteer for The Garden and learn from talented and giving volunteers like Rosalie! Learn more >>

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