Water System Consultation

We are excited to offer these Water System Consultations as a supportive ‘next step’ for using rainwater and greywater!

Sign up for a new and specialized consultation that takes a look at your unique property, and the possibilities of integrating water capture and greywater for both water and dollar savings.  Your one-on-one consultation with Brook Sarson, of Catching H20/H2OME will cover:

  • The best place for laundry grey water to go
  • The best place for shower grey water to go (if possible)
  • Ideal placement of Rain Water tanks, including placement of downspouts if needed
  • Potential layout for plantings that takes into account all these water potentials and simplest installation
  • A rough idea of what the design might cost to implement (broken down and as a whole)

To be time and cost effective, the Using Rainwater & Greywater morning class discussion will help inform the consultations, the two go hand in hand. You must be signed up to attend the class in order to sign up for a consultation.  Please follow the steps below to prepare and register for your consultation. If you need assistance please call Education Manager, Jillian Quint at 619-660-0614 x16.

There are a limited number of appointments available. Your timeslot will be in the order you registered. There are a total of six sessions available beginning at 12:15pm, with the last appointment beginning approximately 1:30pm.

Cost:   $30 (duration 10 minutes)

How to Sign Up

  1. First register to attend the required morning class  Using Rainwater & Greywater  on Saturday, Sept 29 from 10am – 12pm
  2. Next register below for a 10 minute consultation. Consultation Cost $30, duration 10 minutes. Consultation times are first-come-first-serve from 12:15pm – 1:30pm. Your time slot will be emailed one week prior.
  3. Fill out this Water System Survey before you arrive (go ahead and do it now).


  1. Bring with you a zoomed in Google earth image (or a drawn site plan)
  • Indicating house, existing plant vegetation (somewhat)
  • Mark location of laundry machine and showers, also gutter downspout location (if it exists).
  • If you know your roofline drainage, please also indicate.



September 29, 2018
12:15 pm - 1:30 pm


The Water Conservation Garden

12122 Cuyamaca College Dr. West
El Cajon CA 92019

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Registration Information

Online registration has now closed. Please call 619-660-0614 x10 to check availability.

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