Empowering a sense of service…

The Water Conservation Garden is more than a destination; it’s a community of people who protect and serve the planet that we love – and fearlessly champion solutions to save water and other natural resources. We are a united community of neighbors, friends and change agents who believe we can make a difference.


Diane Nelson & Service Dog Keoki
Diane Nelson has been serving at The Water Conservation Garden for nearly four years. She enjoys taking her beloved fur-friend and service dog Keoki for walks in the garden and attending the many classes offered, like the Natural First Aide workshop.
Diane was diagnosed with MS in 2009. She didn’t know how she would be able to walk around her hilly community when her condition progressed. Luckily she found The Water Conservation Garden, which offers a safe environment and flat ADA paths.
“The Water Conservation Garden is an open place where everyone is welcome. All kinds of groups with special needs come here. It’s interesting to watch their journey from when they first come in to when they leave,” shared Diane.
Giving back to the community is a core value for Diane. In addition to being an active member at The Water Conservation Garden, she is a Senior Sheriff Volunteer and ambassador for the MS Society.
“The most important part of life is figuring out how to make an impact. I’m not here to make a living. I’m here to make a difference,” said Diane.
The Water Conservation Garden is special to Diane because it’s a place where people connect. Her circle of friends has grown since joining the garden. Members who take part in our adult programs enjoy gardening, events, classes and make lifelong friends.
Be like Diane and make a difference today.