Abandoned San Diego

Abandoned San Diego


Thursday, March 25th @ 11am-12pm pst

Take a glimpse into San Diego’s past with modern adventurer and entrepreneur, Jessica Johnson, author of Abandoned San Diego and founder of Hidden San Diego.net.

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The Water Conservation Garden hosts Jessica Johnson, native San Diegan whose life mission has been to explore and describe the unknown and overlooked wonders of the area. Her work reached fruition with the creation of HiddenSanDiego.net which has received millions of unique online visits, and has become an invaluable resource for local explorers and tourists who want to reach beyond the local tourist traps.

This virtual meet the author, and book talk will feature hidden stories from Jessica's experience exploring and writing about "Abandoned San Diego". Learn about America's Finest City and uncover the explored inside of you!
"Abandoned San Diego"


About the book, by the author...
In a thriving modern city like San Diego, little stays the same for long. Today's skyline would be virtually unrecognizable to a time traveler from the 1905s, but when you explore a little, you find fascinating vestiges of the San Diego of our great grandparents tucked away. 'Abandoned San Diego' is a trip back in time, visiting nineteen sites that are in some level of deterioration, but still offer a glimpse into a different period in San Diego's past. Along the way, we will take a richly illustrated journey to old mines, fading towns, burned out ruins, and pioneer cemeteries, among other fascinating places.

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