Using Greywater: Part I

Thursday, June 10

Create an abundant landscape using greywater. In this part one workshop, Brook Sarson of Catching H20 will walk you through the design of simple, cost effective, Laundry Greywater and Shower Greywater systems. Sponsored by the IRWM.

Using Greywater: Part II

Thursday, July 15

Permitting , Pumps, and Plants. Brook Sarson of CatchingH2O takes you deeper into Greywater design including permitting, pump systems, plants that thrive with greywater, and the best ways to distribute greywater in your landscape. Sponsored by the IRWM.

Create a Garden Sanctuary

Saturday, July 17
10am – 11:30am

Ever wanted to peer into the design process? Join author and Landscape Designer, John Beaudry, in an inspiring outdoor garden workshop as he plans and visualizes a landscape enhancement using an area of The Garden.

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