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The mission of The Water Conservation Garden is to inspire positive change in the living environment through the conservation of water and other natural resources.

About us


The Water Conservation Garden has nearly six acres of displays that showcase water conservation through a series of beautiful themed gardens, such as a native plant garden and a vegetable garden, as well as how-to displays such as mulch and irrigation exhibits. The Garden also features a native butterfly pavilion that is open spring and summer each year.

The Garden can be a learning laboratory for the dedicated gardener, a delightful place for an afternoon stroll, or a place to gather lots of information about water-wise, or California-Friendly® gardening.

Calendar of Happenings

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Lisa Griffiths - Fitness Fridays

February 26, 2021

Fridays @ 10am Set fitness and wellness in motion at the start of this new year. Instructor Lisa Griffiths guides you through a combination of 30-minute bodyweight (no equipment) fitness section and a 30-minute gentle/yin yoga section. Supporting you to feel good, to get an effective workout, and to be outside into nature! Beginners are most welcome. Disclaimer: Please visit our website before visiting for the most updated information regarding health guidelines and program changes. Questions? Contact The first 30 minutes of class is Fitness-based, and the last 30 minutes is Yin Yoga stretching and lengthening. Instructor invites you to join for either portion or the full hour class. Cater it to what you need!

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Lisa Griffiths - Garden Yoga

March 02, 2021

Tuesdays @ 10am Garden Yoga is a joyful practice and exploration of movement in an alignment informed class appropriate for all levels. Celebrate nature and wellness weekly at The Water Conservation Garden.

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Pam Badger - Garden Yoga

March 03, 2021

Wednesdays @ 10am Garden Yoga is a joyful practice and exploration of movement in an alignment informed class appropriate for all levels. Celebrate nature and wellness weekly at The Water Conservation Garden.

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Water Planting

March 3, 2021

Wednesday, March 3 @ 3:30-4:30pm PST Regenerate your landscape by ‘planting water’ and growing healthy soil! Eric & Lauren Saline of Wild Made Design shares techniques and strategies that can be used on any scale to modify land contour, plant sustainably, and harvest water. Presented by The Water Conservation, class made possible by The San Diego County Watershed Protection Program.

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Become an Earth Hero with Ms. Smarty-Plants!

Are you an Earth Hero? Do you recycle? Do you care for the animals of the planet?

Do you pick up trash that you see on the ground and dispose of it? If you do any of these things than you are one of my Earth Heroes! We can each make a difference with our own 2 hands! Learn how you can make a positive impact on the environment and help save Mother Earth!

Your donation supports conservation education.

Thank you for your generosity.

A few words from Garden Members

“I enjoyed my visit so much that I became a member. Now I have access to over 300 reciprocal gardens nationwide. This includes the Japanese Friendship Garden at Balboa Park and the Encinitas Botanical Garden as well.”


Yelp Review

“What a great way to spend an hour or two with the kids! The garden is not only beautiful & peaceful but educational as well. The staff was friendly & took the time to answer our questions about the many types of drought resistant plants they have on site. Highly recommended!!”


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We recently completed a Mini Facelift on the Small Classroom, Gift Shop, Admin Office and exterior of building!. Painting and flooring have been installed along with the beautiful new Sam Ciccati signage!

We have had a wonderful Fall and eagerly look forwrd to
a lovely San Diego Winter!

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