Your commitment, a minimum of 24 hours per year.

Do you want to get your hands dirty and make a splash in the gardening scene? Join The Water Conservation Garden’s Volunteer Program! We’re all about bringing together folks who share a passion for gardening, no matter your age. From digging in the dirt to sprucing up our exhibits, giving tours, or just chatting it up with guests, there’s something for everyone here at The Garden! Come on in and let’s grow together!

For more information about becoming a volunteer, please contact the Volunteer Team  at [email protected] 




Help The Garden Grow

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  1. Please complete a Volunteer Application (Must be a current Garden member)
  2. Register for the 2-day Training. A volunteer must be an active member of The Water Conservation Garden within 24 hours of registering for the training. We appreciate your support! 
  3. Once training is complete, a volunteer must perform a minimum of 24 hours of service per year. 

Fill Out An Application below and then register for the upcoming two-day Volunteer Training:

Tuesday, Feb 20 & Monday, Feb 26, 8:30am-12:30pm, at The Garden.




*REQUIRED: A Volunteer Application must be submitted before registering for the 2-Day Volunteer Training.

How Can You Help?

  • Guided Tours
  • Community Outreach Events
  • Gardening & Maintenance
  • Special Events
  • Committee Service
  • Internships

Benefits of Being a Volunteer

  • Make a worthwhile contribution to The Garden and community!
  • Meet people who share an interest in gardening and horticulture.
  • May attend optional field trips, workshops and lectures.
  • Attend annual Volunteer Appreciation dinner.
  • May receive discount on rental of The Garden for an event.


Our volunteers work in teams alongside staff.  Volunteer commitment level can range from simple gardening tasks, clerical assistance to serving on our Board of Directors.

2 steps to become a volunteer

  1. Become a Garden Member
  2. Once contacted by a Volunteer Representative, complete volunteer training (two, four-hour sessions) and safety training.

Volunteer training offered Spring & Fall.


Volunteer Portal

and log your hours!

We appreciate all you do to make The Garden look beautiful!  See you at The Garden!

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Meet our Volunteers!

Banksia Plant near the Bird & Butterfly Garden

High water & high labor vs. low water & low labor

Orchid Tree next to facilities building

Water run-off vs. Native plant erosion control

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