Landscape & Garden Resources

Landscape & Garden Resources

Landscaping Resources

Plants & Materials

The following nurseries and companies offering other landscape supplies partner with The Water Conservation Garden to provide the necessary materials to create a beautiful, water-wise garden. Members of The Water Conservation Garden receive a 10-20% discount on purchases at the following retailers.

Sources for Other Nurseries in Southern California

Plant Lists

Fire Safety

Landscape Professionals

Gardening Resources

Below are resources the Water Conservation Garden has compiled to those who seek assistance with water conservation and water-wise landscaping.  The Garden is not responsible for any of these programs or resources, and cannot assure customer satisfaction.



Rain Barrels


Water Conservation Garden members receive free or discounted admittance to gardens across the country. Please visit our Membership page for more information about the benefits of becoming a member of The Water Conservation Garden.

Clubs and Societies

Other Gardening and Conservation/Sustainability Organizations

    Incentive Programs
    Water Agency Online Resources

    San Diego County Water Authority
    SDCWA partners with member agencies and stakeholders to meet the region’s water supply needs. This website is a comprehensive resource for homeowners, businesses, HOAs, the public sector and teachers and students to learn about making smart choices to reduce water use.

    State of California
    Efficient water management and use are critical for all California residents, agencies, and businesses.

    Save Our Water
    Save Our Water is a program created by the Association of California Water Agencies and the California Department of Water Resources to help Californians reduce everyday water use. It offers news, tips, rebate options and other resources for the general public.

    Water-Use it Wisely
    This nonprofit looks to help individuals save water by providing helpful tips and resources. This website offers a few great resources, such as water conservation games for kids and more than 100 conservation ideas.

    Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
    The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is a regional water provider for Southern California. This website provides a comprehensive water conservation guide for individuals, including tips, news, rebate information and local water agency links.

    City of San Diego Water Conservation Program
    Waste No Water is an initiative created by the City of San Diego’s Public Utilities Branch. The website provides rebate information, water restriction information and water conservation related contests for various age levels.

    Books & Articles


    Modernism Meets Desertscaping, The Landscape Design Revolution of Palm Springs, by Clayton Tschudy

    Recommended Books (Available in Gift Shop)

    “California Getting Started Garden Guide” by Bruce and Sharon Asakawa
    “California Native Plants for the Garden” by Carol Bornstein, David Fross, and Bart O’Brien
    “California Wildfire Landscaping” by Maureen Gilmer
    “More Beauty, Less Water” by Pam Meisner
    “The New Sunset Western Garden Book: The Ultimate Gardening Guide”
    “Square Foot Gardening with Kids” by Mel Bartholomew
    “Tomatomania” by Scott Daigre and Jean Garbee

    Water Agency Contact Information

    City of San Diego Water Department
    600 B Street, Suite 1210
    San Diego, CA 92101
    (619) 533-5300

    Helix Water District
    7811 University Ave.
    La Mesa, CA 91941
    (619) 466-0585

    Otay Water District
    2554 Sweetwater Springs Blvd.
    Spring Valley, CA 91978-2096
    (619) 670-2777

    San Diego County Water Authority
    4677 Overland Ave.
    San Diego, CA 92123
    (858) 522-6600

    Sweetwater Authority
    505 Garrett Ave.
    P.O. Box 2328
    Chula Vista, CA 91912
    (619) 420-1413

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