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Contact us anytime with questions concerning gardening, landscaping and use of The Garden. Please see below for a few key contacts and a full staff list.

(619) 660-0614

12122 Cuyamaca College Drive West
El Cajon, California 92019

Key Contacts

Jennifer Pillsbury

Executive Director & CEO

Pam Meisner

Director of Operations & Programs

Paul Redeker

Director of Horticulture & Exhibits

Janelle Wallace

Director of Development & Membership

Lynn Milke

Finance and Administration Manager

Full Staff List

Angelina Byrd, Events Manager

Janelle Wallace, Director of Development & Membership

Jennifer Pillsbury, Executive Director & CEO

Jillian Quint, Education Manager

Lauren Gagliano-Saline, Project Coordinator

Linda Griffith, Manager on Duty – Admissions

Lauren Magnuson, Education Programs Coordinator

Jonathan Mandel, Customer Service Representative

Juliana Meirelles, Customer Service Representative

Lynn Milke, Finance and Administration Manager

Pam Meisner, Director of Operations & Programs

Sabrina Pellegrino, Bookkeeper Assistant

Pia Piscitelli, Development Coordinator

Paul Redeker, Director of Horticulture

Sam Miller, Facilities Manager

Wes Roys, Landscape & Facilities Technician

Renee Simpson, Grant Writer & Customer Service Representative

Tim Townsley, Facilities Assistant

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