Landscape Design Consultation-TEMPORARILY PAUSED 

Receive helpful advice for your landscape makeover project by selecting an in-person or consultation with professional landscape designers & landscape architects, or qualified pre-professionals college students. We can help get your project moving forward so you can enjoy More Beauty, Less Water in your landscape!

                                                       (photo credit: San Diego County Water Authority)  

Consultations with a Professional:   $70 Garden Members | $85 General

Consultations with a Emerging Professional Designer: $50 all

Includes: 45-minute consultation 



Currently, consultations are paused and plan to resume in the summer. Please email questions to [email protected].



You will receive a confirmation ticket once you secure your consultation, and a garden staff member will reach out shortly after.


What can I expect?

  • A Designer will review your submitted items prior to the Consultation (Photo, Survey & Sketch).
  • The Designer will be prepared to give you specific guidance in design, budget, plant choices, placement, and overall project strategy.
  • Please note: Designers will NOT provide a full design plan/drawing with this Consultation. If you wish, you may work independently with the designer following your Consultation.
  • During the Consultation, LET YOUR DESIGNER BE THE DRIVER* This is a chance for you to get expert advice. So sit back, and allow the designer to share their initial observations and suggestions.
  • Disclaimer: The result of any consultation is based on the individual’s property, situation, and phase of planning.

I liked my designer, can I continue working with them?

  • You can work with your designer independently by contacting them. 

Are Designers specialized?

  • Professional Landscape Designers and Landscape Architects have completed over 20 local landscape designs and have trained in the Watershed Approach to Landscaping, or other professional certification.
  • Pre-Professional College Student Designer

How do I prepare for my zoom consultation? (These instructions will be emailed to you after registering…)

  • Work with the Conservation Program Coordinator to gather information for your consultation and photos of your yard.

The above items are required a minimum of  48 hours prior to your Consultation.

Need to reschedule?

Reschedule policy: There is an $8 rescheduling fee. A Garden representative will contact you to find a reschedule date. Thank you for your patience and support! We apologize, but consultations for the most part cannot be refunded. 

Disclaimer: The Water Conservation Garden does not endorse, recommend or promote any particular individual or company, nor guarantee of the workmanship or materials provided by the individual or company. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to investigate the background and experience of the individual or company. California Law stipulates that work performed for $500.00 or more for labor and materials must be accomplished by a licensed contractor.

Questions? Contact [email protected]
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