Landscape Design Consultation

Receive helpful, one-on-one advice, for your Landscape Makeover project from professional landscape designers and landscape architects. Whether you are looking to make minor or major changes, incorporate water-wise plants, be more water efficient, qualify for a rebate, create an outdoor social space, contribute to the native habitat, or install a completely new water wise landscape, consultations are a great service to get you moving in the right direction. (top photo: by San Diego County Water Authority)  

Cost:   $70 Garden Members | $85 Non-Member

Includes:  A 45-minute Zoom or phone consultation including next-step advice, and suggested plant list where applicable.

Scheduling: Must select a date that is  minimum 48 hours in advance from the day you register. 

Monthly Virtual Consultation Dates: WEDNESDAYS at 3pm & 4pm, 2ND TUESDAYS monthly at 9am & 10am.        


  • Please review the FAQ’s BEFORE registering.
  • You will be asked to submit the following items 48 hours prior to your appointment: Photos, Survey, and Sketch with measurements. (The sketch is optional.)


How do I prepare?

After registering…

  • Take photos of your yard. Upload them to the personal Google drive that will be sent to you in the confirmation email.
  • Complete the Consultation Survey
  • In addition, you can submit a sketch with measurements if you choose. This is an optional step but adds a lot to the process if you can do it. Review this video on how to make a sketch of your yard.
  • The above items are required a minimum of  48 hours prior to your Consultation. 

I need help!


What can I expect?

  • A Designer will review your submitted items prior to the Consultation (Photo, Survey & Sketch).
  • The Designer will be prepared to give you specific guidance in design, budget, plant choices, placement, and overall strategy during the Consultation.
  • Designers will NOT provide a full design plan/drawing with this Landscape Design Consultation. If you wish, you may work independently with the designer following your Consultation.
  • Disclaimer: The result of your consultation is based on the individual’s property, situation, and phase of planning.

Zoom Instructions

  • A zoom link will be sent to you in the confirmation email.
  • Log into the zoom no more than 5 minutes prior to your Consultation (there may be another Consultation before you)
  • During the Consultation, LET YOUR DESIGNER BE THE DRIVER* This is a chance for you to get expert advice. So sit back, and allow the designer to share their initial observations and suggestions.
  • You will have access to the recorded Zoom link for 30 days.

Can I have the recorded consultation?

  • You will have access to the recorded Zoom link for 30 days.

I liked my designer, can I continue working with them?

  • You can work with your designer independently by contacting them. 

Are Designers specialized?

  • Local and professional Landscape Designers and Architects specialize in the Watershed Approach to landscaping.
  • Read more: “Watershed Approach to Landscaping” 

Need to reschedule?

Reschedule policy: There is an $8 rescheduling fee. A Garden representative will contact you to find a reschedule date. Thank you for your patience and support! We apologize, but consultations for the most part cannot be refunded. 

Disclaimer: The Water Conservation Garden does not endorse, recommend or promote any particular individual or company, nor guarantee of the workmanship or materials provided by the individual or company. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to investigate the background and experience of the individual or company. California Law stipulates that work performed for $500.00 or more for labor and materials must be accomplished by a licensed contractor.

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