Water Harvesting Consultation

Get answers to questions like…

Where is the best place for my laundry grey water to go?

Is shower grey water possible at my home?

Will rainwater and grey water save money at my property?

What it is…

A professional water harvesting consultation customized for your home and lifestyle to include options for grey water and rain water collection and distribution. Brook Sarson of H2OME takes a look at your unique property using Google Earth and survey responses, and talks you through a customized plan for integrating water harvesting on your property. With over a decade of experience in water harvesting design, over 400 successful installations and countless group education workshops, Brook brings the needed expertise to capture and move water efficiently on your property for money and water savings.

Walk away with…

Your Water Harvesting Start Plan that suggests ideal placement of rain water tanks, potential layout for plantings, rebate recommendations, and simplest installation tips, along with a rough idea of what the design might cost to implement (broken down and as a whole). Checklist to keep the project on track, and access to On Demand webinar which teaches the basics of water harvesting.


Cost:   Garden Members: $70
            Non-Members: $85

Includes:  30-minute video-call consultation, access to On Demand webinar, and resources including your Water Harvesting Start Plan & Checklist.

Appointment will take place either on Facetime, or Phone call.

Use the form below to get started. 

Questions? Contact [email protected]   (619) 660-0614 x21 phone extension unavailable while COVID-19 precautions are in place, thank you for understanding.
Suggested: Watching the On-Demand webinar “Water Harvesting” or attendance at a previous grey water and rain water harvesting class is suggested. Registration for this consultation gives you access to On Demand webinar “Water Harvesting” with Brook Sarson, through TheGarden.org
NOTE: Please watch in advance of your consultation to get the most out of your appointment.
Disclaimer: The result of your consultation is contingent on your individual property, situation, and phase of planning. 
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