Butterflies with Ms. Smarty-Plants™ | Sat. Oct 3 & 10

Butterflies with Ms. Smarty-Plants™ is an extra special day at The Garden with safe, physical-distancing, magical butterfly releases, and a fun fantastic talk led by our favorite eco-ambassador and friend to all – Ms. Smarty-Plants! See live butterflies and release your very own butterfly to nectar on nearby flowers while learning about this incredible species. Family Butterfly Bundles are available to help save you money and help save the butterfly populations!

Members $10

Non-Members* $15 + Garden Admission

*Family Butterfly Bundles are the best deal for Non-members. Included is a Family Membership, Butterfly Plant, and ofcourse Butterflies with Ms. Smarty-Plants: Releases and Learning Lesson!  (Bundle pricing in the FAQ’s below)

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