Butterflies with Ms. Smarty-Plants™

Butterflies with Ms. Smarty-Plants™

1st Saturdays May-July 2021. Registration will open soon.

Butterflies with Ms. Smarty-Plants™ is an extra special day at The Garden with safe, physical-distancing, magical butterfly releases, and a fun fantastic talk led by our favorite eco-ambassador and friend to all – Ms. Smarty-Plants! See live butterflies and release your very own butterfly to nectar on nearby flowers while learning about this incredible species. Family Butterfly Bundles are available to help save you money and help save the butterfly populations!

Members $10

Non-Members* $15 + Garden Admission

*Family Butterfly Bundles are the best deal for Non-members. Included is a Family Membership, Butterfly Plant, and ofcourse Butterflies with Ms. Smarty-Plants: Releases and Learning Lesson!  (Bundle pricing in the FAQ’s below)


Is there safe physical distancing?

Yes, the entire experience is designed for outdoor physical distancing, and face masks are required (except for children under 2 years old).

What is the Family Butterfly Bundle?

Our best deal for non-members because it includes a Family Membership (good for one year of free entry to The Garden and reciprocal gardens, member perks, and discounts at local nurseries). Plus take home a butterfly plant to help the butterflies! The bundle ofcourse covers Butterflies with Ms. Smarty-Plants. See pricing below.  

Family Butterfly Bundle pricing

Support The Garden and have great butterfly memories with your family! Choose a bundle for your family size and Save up to $122!

  • $100 Family Butterfly Bundle (3-4 people) $176 value
  • $110 Family Butterfly Bundle (5 people) $199 value
  • $120 Family Butterfly Bundle (6 people) $222 value

Are walk-up tickets available?

Pre-registration online is highly recommended. There may be walk-up tickets available, but it is not guaranteed.

What time should I arrive?

Please arrive at your start time. Once you are through The Garden Entry, head over to the Butterfly Pavilion to check-in and we will help instruct your group in a fun and friendly way! Our educators and volunteers are onsite to make this a safe learning experience for you and your family.

What is the timeline?

Arrive at the start time on your registration. Your entire experience will take place within that hour. We have educators and volunteers onsite that will help once you arrive.

Example: if you register for 9am-10am, then arrive at 9am. You will do a butterfly release and attend Butterflies with Ms. Smarty-Plants, all between the 9-10am time frame.

What can I expect?

A beautiful garden, friendly educators and volunteers, memorable butterfly releases, and a visit from Ms. Smarty-Plants who will lead a learning lesson and talk: Butterflies with Ms. Smarty-Plants.

During your hour time frame, expect to have about 30 minutes of free garden-time.

What is there to do during free garden time?

Check-in at the butterfly pavilion so we know your family is onsite. There will most likely be a wait to get into the Butterfly Pavilion. Volunteers will give you an estimated time for your butterfly release. During that wait time, rather than have you stand in line you can: sit at one of the shaded picnic tables, grab a free ice cream, visit the Gift Shop, take a fun stroll down the Children’s Trail, and visit our Desert Tortoise exhibit.

What is the Butterfly Release?

You’re gonna love it! It’s an intimate moment with a butterfly in the palm of your hand. Watch the butterfly flutter away or place it near a flower and encourage it to nectar. Magical for all ages; kid- adult. The Butterfly Pavilion is an open-air structure, and we are limiting capacity to 2 households, or 6 people maximum at a time, with registration required.

What is Butterflies with Ms. Smarty-Plants?

Butterflies with Ms. Smarty-Plants is a live butterfly talk in the outdoor Butterfly Amphitheater with award-winning educator and friend to all, Ms. Smarty-Plants. Approximately 15 minutes in length. Seating is marked and spaced with physical-distancing between households.

What time is Butterflies with Ms. Smarty-Plants?

You can only attend the talk during the time frame that you registered for. If you are registered during time slots:

  • 9-10am, please attend Butterflies with Ms. Smarty-Plants at 9:30am
  • 10-11am, please attend Butterflies with Ms. Smarty-Plants at 10:30am
  • 11am-12pm, please attend Butterflies with Ms. Smarty-Plants at 11:30am

Can I remain in The Garden all day?

Your ticket includes Garden Admission for the full day. We close at 2pm.

Do I need to pre-register online?        

We request that you pre-register online so that we can monitor the number of households. There may be walk up tickets available, but this is not ideal for the organizers.

Parking, Restrooms, and Strollers

The Garden has free parking and accessible restrooms. Garden trails are stroller friendly. When visiting the Butterfly Pavilion leave strollers parked just outside the pavilion door.


Questions?  Please read the FAQ’s. If you have additional questions contact the main office at (619) 660-0614 x10 or E-mail us here