Nature Therapy Experience


2nd Sundays at 10am

Nature Therapy in The Garden…

a slow-paced, guided tour which produces a calming, internal experience. Participants are invited to connect with nature gradually, through a series of simple exercises using their senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell or touch, followed by a stroll through The Water Conservation Garden, and a brief sit in our outdoor spaces. The formula is simple, and the resulting emotional wellness and inner peace taps into our sixth sense; the state of mind. Your instructor and guide for Nature Therapy is a Garden Docent with a PhD in performance psychology, specializing in wellness strategies.

Nature Therapy in The Garden appeals to many types of people whether intellectually, physically, or emotionally-centered individuals, and is all-inclusive, suitable for any fitness level, and a wonderful fit for seniors. Exercises and methods are based on the Japanese ‘Forest Bathing’ practice known as shinrin-yoku, which means “taking in the forest.” Among the benefits of forest bathing, say practitioners and researchers, are improved mood, relaxation, lower cortisol levels, connections with nature and insight. This program has been adapted for safe, physical-distancing and masks are required for Garden entry.

Capacity: Small group (4-6 people)

Duration: 90 minutes. 2nd Sundays at 10am in 2021.  Registration Required.

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