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Happy Adventures in Water Harvesting!

The Water Conservation Garden in collaboration with Greenie Guide presents Happy Adventures in Water Harvesting podcast series featuring local experts H2Ome and Wild Made Design.

Episode 1: Plenty of Water with Water Harvesting

In this episode Greenie Guide Producer/Host Pia Piscitelli, tells the modern day relevancy of water harvesting in our region. Join narrator and journalist in this short yet inspiring journey to the ruins of an early 20th century desert homestead, and back to our community where there’s “plenty of water when we put water harvesting practices in place.”

Episode 2: Is Water Harvesting For Me?

In this episode, we answer the question, is water harvesting for me? Hear from water harvesting experts, home owners, and everyday people who know how important it is to save water and reap the benefits through beautiful and lush gardens. In this episode, learn what water harvesting is, why we should harvest water, and hear stories from people who are actually harvesting water in their yards.

Episode 3: Diving Deeper into Water Harvesting

In this episode we’re diving into more details about water harvesting including why we should harvest water, some things to consider, and we’ll hear advice from our experts and homeowners on how to get started.

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This project is financed under the Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality and Supply, Flood Control, River and Coastal Protection Bond Act of 2006, administered by State of California, Department of Water Resources.

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