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Our new, comprehensive program Water Harvesting in your life continues in this easy to follow online workshop with our favorite water harvesting professional, Brook Sarson of Catching H20/H20me. Related materials and workshop are FREE for everyone thanks to sponsorship by Integrated Regional Water Management! Click below to register FREE, and you’ll be sent the login information to join.

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Water Harvesting Episode with Greenie Guide
(6 minutes)

The Water Conservation Garden presents spoken word story telling by Greenie Guide with local expert and guest, Brook Sarson, of H2Ome.

In this episode Greenie Guide Producer/Host, and former marketing coordinator at The Water Conservation Garden, Pia Piscitelli, tells the modern day relevancy of water harvesting in our region. Join narrator and journalist in this short yet inspiring journey to the ruins of an early 20th century desert homestead, and back to our community where there’s “plenty of water when we put water harvesting practices in place.”

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