Butterfly Experiences 2023


Saturday, May 6

Join us in our beautiful outdoor Butterfly Pavilion and native Habitat Garden to release your very own butterfly to nectar on nearby flowers. Miss Metamorphosis will be flittering around the Butterfly Pavilion. Be sure to release a butterfly and say, “Hi!”

$15 Garden Member / $25 General
$125 Butterfly Bundle (see details below)

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$125 Butterfly Bundle 

  • Valued at $174 Includes:
    • Butterfly Releases (4 people)
    • Native Milkweed Plant
    • Additional person for Butterfly Bundle $5 (select $5 for additional family members over 4 people for butterfly bundle purchase)
    • Purchase a Butterfly Bundle and receive a Basic Family Membership

Membership: Set up your membership at check-in on the day of the event.

We love butterflies! The Garden has joined the San Diego Pollinator Alliance (SDPA) and their efforts to increase native pollinator habitat and awareness about pollinator-friendly practices throughout San Diego County. We hope to encourage an increase in habitat creation within local residences, schools, community spaces, and other public and private lands.

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