The Art of Nature – Postcards from The Garden with Marjorie Pezzoli



11am – 12:30pm, Sep 25

Uplift your sketches with color and drawing techniques by Resident Art Instructor, Marjorie Pezzoli. Beginner levels and doodlers welcome!

Members $10 / Non-members $15

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11am – 12:30pm
Sep 25

Postcards from the Garden, the Art of Nature

Sketching or Doodling with Resident Art Instructor, Marjorie Pezzoli

Let The Garden be your Muse! For this series of classes we will be adding color to the paper. Bring your favorite drawing tools, Marjorie will be bringing some of hers to share as well.

You do not have to be an artist to enjoy this time of observation & sketching. Nature inspires much of my work, many times I incorporate poetry into my drawings.

From Marjorie: This is a time to appreciate what gifts nature gives us, to notice the structure of trees, leaves, & landscaping, even clouds floating by. Find a new place that mesmerizes you in The Garden for your subject matter.Marjorie will go over basic drawing techniques at the beginning of these gatherings.

What to bring:

    • Sketch Pad
    • Graphite Pencil
    • Colored Pencils
    • Pastels
    • Eraser
    • Fine line Sharpies

Basically any colored art mediums you want to bring along. Borrowing crayons from your kids works too!

* Marjorie will have a supply of various papers & my favorite mediums to take your sketch or doodle to another level.

Members $10 / Non-members $15

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