The Art of Nature – Sketching in the Garden with Marjorie Pezzoli


LAST SUNDAYS, 11:00am–12:30pm
January 30 | February 27 | March 27

You do not have to be an artist to enjoy this time of observation & sketching. Resident Art Instructor, Marjorie Pezzoli, guides you to find expression and depth in sketching. Notice the structure of trees, leaves, and even clouds floating by. Let The Garden be your muse.

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Attend one class or all three! Drawing Series is geared towards Adults, Children ages 10 and up are welcome to join.

What to bring: Sketch Pad, Graphite Pencil, Eraser, Pen - will need for paper embossing *Marjorie will supply a good heavy paper to take your sketch to another level by exploring a paper embossing technique.

A note from Resident Art Instructor, Marjorie: This is a time to appreciate what gifts nature gives us. Find a new place that mesmerizes you in The Garden for your subject matter. Our beginning “models” are a starting place, then go find what catches your eye & sketch away. I’ll go over basic drawing techniques at the beginning of these gatherings. Your sketches can be inspiration for other projects. Option to join me for silk painting classes in the Spring, and think about creating nature inspired silk scarves from your sketches.

January - “55 Shades of Green”
Take the time to see all the nuances & wonders in a leaf, or whatever else catches your eye. Learn how light & shadow gives it shape. Model: The Goldfish Pond & water pipe by the entrance

February - Create the illusion of Roundness & Other Shapes
Learn how to take a 3D shape & sketch it 2D onto your page Model: The Spherical Water Fountain. There are plenty of interesting shapes waiting to be found in the Garden. See how the animal topiaries are made up of basic shapes & fun to sketch.

March - Perspective: Let your imagination fly.
Bird’s Eye View or Ant’s Eye View Make sure to look up, down, & all around before you pick up your pencil. Model: Giant shears & a pencil sculpture to begin your perspective shift. Let’s create a whimsical drawing!

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