Landscape Design Consultation

Get answers to questions like…

How should I place landscaping with my existing hardscape?

What plants would go well in this area?

How do I budget for this project?

What is my next step?

How can I increase my curb appeal?

Any ideas for pathways that can make this a more social space?

How do I qualify for rebates from the city or county?

Do you have suggestions for creating privacy from my neighbors?

Will replacing my turf save water, and what are your suggestions?

What it is…

Professional guidance, customized for your landscape design project. Whether you’ve got a new landscape to design, a re-model for water efficiency, or a modification project for a specific area, experts can give advice tailored to save you time and money towards achieving your water efficient design. Consultations are great for residents looking to make changes to their landscape, incorporate water-wise plants and material, or improve upon a current design. In addition this is a relationship-building opportunity for designers and clients. The Garden collaborates with professional, local designers who specialize in drought-tolerant and water saving methods and have a passion for educating.

Walk away with…

  • Customized guidance and advice for your landscape design
  • Next steps for your landscape project based on your top two goals from a selection of options provided in the pre-survey.
  • Recorded copy of your consultation if it takes place on Zoom.
  • Resource recommendations.
  • In addition you will also build relationship with a landscape designer, and may choose to continue the project as a DIY, or hire your landscape designer independent of The Water Conservation Garden.
  • *Please note that you will NOT receive a full design plan/drawing with this Landscape Design Consultation. The consultation is for guidance and personalized advice. 

The Landscape Design Consultation also complements the Irrigation Consultations – in essence if you are putting efforts into landscaping it is imperative to also have a proper understanding of your existing irrigation. Consider making it a combo, by selecting both Landscape Design & and Irrigation option on the form below, for garden design planning advice which incorporates hydro-zoning and getting your irrigation dialed in!


Cost:   $70 Garden Members | $85 Non-Member

Includes:  45 minute video-call consultation including next-step advice. Suggested plant list when applicable. Prep worksheet for taking photos and measurements of your project.

Appointment: on Zoom, Facetime, or Phone call.

Scheduling: Once you register online, you will be contacted via email in 2-3 days by a garden staff member who will set a time and video platform that works for you.

Prep: You will also be sent a survey link to enter information about your current irrigation system, to the best of your knowledge.

Questions? Contact [email protected]   (619) 660-0614 x21 phone extension unavailable while COVID-19 precautions are in place.
Disclaimer: The result of your consultation is contingent on your individual property, situation, and phase of planning. There may be a $15 rescheduling or additional cancellation fee, thank you for understanding.

Landscape Design Consultations will begin again in July.

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