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What is San Diego Tree Week?

April 22-29, 2023

San Diego Tree Week, an initiative of The Water Conservation Garden, aims to bring neighbors together to plant trees in their community. Businesses, schools, and individuals will come together to celebrate the many benefits of trees. 

This week-long celebration encourages all San Diego County residents to appreciate and understand the usefulness of trees. The campaign aims to slow climate change by educating thousands of San Diegans about the benefits of tree planting and with a goal to plant 500 trees in San Diego County in 2023.  

San Diego Tree Week 2023 aims to teach our community as trees grow, we slow climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the air, storing carbon in the trees and soil, and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. Here at The Water Conservation Garden, we believe that planting trees is something positive that everyone can do to slow down climate change.   

The need for trees has never been greater because trees play an essential role in reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Trees also offer cooling shade, block cold winter winds, attract birds and wildlife, purify our air, prevent soil erosion, clean our water, and add grace and beauty to our community. Join The Water Conservation Garden and get involved today!  

How to Get Involved

Plan and host your own event! This is a great opportunity to bring your community together for a good cause! Select a date, time, and location. Then it’s time to secure your trees! See more about hosting your own planting in our Leadership Guide.

Photo compliments of Tree Life Consulting

Find a public planting event and offer your time and efforts to plant trees! This is a great way to get involved, with less time commitment than hosting your own event. You can find nearby tree planting sites and events on our website.

Don’t want to get your hands dirty? Make a donation! Your contribution will go towards supporting local conservation education locally in San Diego. 



Can’t plant the trees yourself? Gift a tree planting site, tree seedlings, or other native plants! Be sure to ensure whatever trees you gift are drought tolerant! 

Trees & Treats
Saturday, April 29

Support San Diego Tree Week by becoming a sponsor! To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, contact us at

[email protected] or 619-660-0614 x 11.


Tree Planting Sites

Tree planting events listed below are from 9am-12pm. Register to volunteer!

    Provided by the County of San Diego Department of Parks & Recreation. For questions related to volunteering at a Parks & Recreation public tree planting site, please contact [email protected].
    • Sweetwater Summit Regional Park, 4/28/23
    • Lonny Brewer Park, 4/29/23
    • Agua Caliente County Park, 4/29/23
    Provided by CA American Water.
    • Parkways of 10th St. & Holly Ave., Check-in booth by Oneonta Elementary School, Imperial Beach, 4/30/23

    Programs & Workshops

    Bilingual Storytime with Ms. Smarty-Plants™

    Wednesday, April 19

    A special San Diego Tree Week bilingual storytime with a tree craft.

    Nature Therapy – The Presence of Trees
    Sunday, April 23

    Discover why humans and trees are designed to be together. Enjoy an expert-led, slow-paced, journey of exploration as we celebrate San Diego Tree Week with this special edition Nature Therapy

    Trees & Treats Workshops
    Saturday, April 29

    10-11:30am Right Tree, Right Place
    with certified arborist, Jose Bedoya of Leaf it to Us.

    12-1pm Planting & Care
    with Master Arborist, Brad Brown of Tree Life Consulting

    San Diego Tree Week 2022 In-View

    Thank You! 

    San Diego Tree Week Sponsors:

    To learn more about sponsorship opportunities please contact [email protected]  or (619) 660-0614 x 11

    Join The Garden

    Questions? Contact [email protected] 

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