Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

“The Next Generation Science Standards represent one of the greatest opportunities we have ever seen for having millions of environmentally literate students and, eventually, the tens of millions of environmentally skilled and effective adults we will need to both save people, the planet and have a prosperous and sustainable economy.”   

-National Wildlife Federation

Check NGSS standards for CA public schools here. 

San Diego Children and Nature Network (SDCAN)

The mission at  San Diego Children and Nature is to lead the regional movement to connect all children to nature by providing professional learning, and networking for educators, families, and communities. They also have amazing NGSS aligned curriculum for teachers to use in their classrooms!

The California Education and the Environment (EEI)

EEI curriculum pairs well with Ms. Smarty-Plants™ as pre-learning or post-program activities. The EEI curriculum is FREE to teachers who attend a training workshop, or complete an online webinar.

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