How Much and How Often to Water? Part 2 – Onsite 2023


June 17

Basics are essential for water efficiency—learning how long to water your landscape and how often, is critical. Instructor Richard Restuccia, VP of Water Management Solutions at Jain Irrigation, covers the basics (attendance at both sessions encouraged). Sponsored by County of San Diego.


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How Much and How Often to Water? Part 2 - Onsite
Saturday, June 17

Once we understand how long to water, the last variable factor for water conservation is how often to water. During this session we cover where to find data to help you know when to water. Irrigation components like pop up spray heads, rotors, drip irrigation, valves and filters all impact your systems efficiency. We will review the components and learn what they do and how they impact water conservation. Finally, irrigation technicians will be on location to help you learn how to properly maintain and adjust your system. This will be hands on, so be ready to get wet.

Instructor bio: 
Richard Restuccia
Vice President of Water Management Solutions
Jain Irrigation, Inc.

Richard Restuccia has been associated with the green industry for over 20 years, currently as Vice President of Water Management Solutions at Jain Irrigation. Prior to Jain, he was the Director of Water Management Solutions for ValleyCrest Companies, the nation's largest landscape company. He currently hosts the Jain Irrigation Training Series educating over 100,000 people per year. 

Richard also served on The Irrigation Association's Board of Directors and consults with many private companies and public agencies concerning water management. He is a regular presenter at conferences concerning how contractors can help their customers save water and money, as well as how to use social media to influence water conservation. In 2014 was recognized with a Leadership in Landscape award and in 2013 earned an award of merit from The Turf and Ornamental Communicator's Association. He created and was the editor for the blog ValleyCrest takes on water management and currently edits and writes for Jain's Water Management blog.


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