The Garden Receives Small Business Award for Making a Difference!

On Thursday, May 23, 2019 The San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce announced the winners of the Small Business Awards in San Diego, California. The San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce annually honors our region’s small businesses and nonprofits for their significant contributions as drivers of economic growth through the Small Business Awards.

The Water Conservation Garden enthusiastically received the Making a Difference Award. “This award represents twenty years of progress, innovation and impact. Together we educate and inspire children and adults to become agents for environmental change,” shares Jennifer Pillsbury, Executive Director & CEO at The Water Conservation Garden.

The mission of The Water Conservation Garden is to inspire positive change in the living environment through the conservation of water and other natural resources. The Water Conservation Garden is proud to serve San Diego County residents of all ages, including many underprivileged children who have limited exposure to nature.

The Water Conservation Garden provides a safe, natural environment where children and adults can explore and discover amazing plants and animals, such as owls, tortoises and butterflies. These tangible educational experiences help create informed and engaged children and adults. Just last year, The Water Conservation Garden empowered more than 42,000 visitors and educated more than 83,000 youth and adults through its Ms. Smarty-Plants™  program.
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